Dermapen Skin Needling

What is Dermapen?
Dermapen is an advanced skin-needling device that uses multiple vibrating needles to pierce the skin. These tiny traumas to the surface of your skin stimulate your skin to naturally produce collagen, which assists to heal and rejuvenate problem areas.
What does Dermapen treat?
  • Acne Scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Large Pores
  • Scar Tissue
  • Stretch Marks
  • Pigmentation
  • Active Acne
Does the Dermapen treatment hurt?
To ensure minimal pain and discomfort a topical anaesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes prior to treatment. This helps to reduce any discomfort and all that is felt is a slight vibrating sensation with soft pressure.
What will I be like after the treatment?
After the Dermapen treatment your skin will most likely feel warm and tight. It will have slight redness similar to light sunburn. It will also be very sensitive to the sun so it’s important to make sure you are well protected when going outdoors. Side effects usually subside after 2 days.

How much will it cost?
The cost will depend on the size of the area treated. An average area will usually be from $250.

How long until I see results?
Usually a course of Dermapen treatments is recommended depending on the results desired. In your initial consultation we will determine the best treatment plan and the number of treatments required. Because Skin-needling is reliant on the skin’s own natural healing process, results can usually be seen approximately 2-4 weeks post procedure. The results will continue to improve over the next few months and will be enhanced with each treatment.
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