Anti-Wrinkle Injections

What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?
Muscle relaxants or Anti-Wrinkle Injections treat lines and wrinkles caused by muscles moving (e.g. frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines). The protein from a toxin is used to block the signal to the muscle thereby relaxing the muscles.
What are the Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Injections?
Anti-wrinkle Injections are used to treat and prevent wrinkles. Being a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, Anti-wrinkle Injections are popular because they achieve great results in a short time frame. By relaxing certain facial muscles in problem areas, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced and further wrinkles can be prevented to ensure smooth, youthful skin. For areas with more defined wrinkles, Dermal Fillers may also be recommended.
What areas are commonly treated with Anti-Wrinkle Injections?
Areas commonly treated with Anti-wrinkle Injections include:

  • Frown Lines
  • Forehead Lines
  • Eye Lines (Crows Feet)
  • Nose Lines (Bunny Lines)
  • Neck Bands

Relaxing these wrinkle-causing muscles not only gradually reduces your existing lines; it will also slow the process of new lines forming.

Other conditions that can be treated with Anti-wrinkle Injections include:

  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Muscle Spasms
How do Anti-wrinkle Injections work?
Anti-wrinkle Injections work by temporarily relaxing your facial muscles and reducing expression lines that form over time. Anti-wrinkle Injections are a prescription-only medicine, so please seek treatment from only a qualified medical professional.
What does an Anti-wrinkle treatment involve?
An Anti-wrinkle treatment involves your initial complimentary consultation with Dr Fallon. This is where you can address your concerns and highlight areas you would like to focus on. The treatment itself can usually take up to 30 minutes and with Dr Nicola’s expert injecting techniques it usually has minimal pain and discomfort.
What will I be like after the treatment?
After the treatment you may have very slight, temporary bruising or swelling observed around the area, which subsides within few days. This can safely be covered up with a make-up.
How long do results last?
Results usually last for up to 4 months however top-up’s can help extend this time.
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