What is Rosacea & why does it occur?
Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by central facial redness, inflammation, dilated blood vessels and sometimes pustules. The exact cause is unknown but several triggers have been identified. Rosacea can be a longterm intermittent condition.
How can Rosacea be treated?
The treatment for Rosacea includes the avoidance of triggers such as heat, sun, alcohol, stress and many more. There are numerous topical treatments available on prescription. Laser treatment is particularly effective for the redness and dilated blood vessels associated with Rosacea.
What products can I use to improve and keep my Rosacea at bay?
Dr Fallon will discuss the severity of your Rosacea and prescribe an appropriate treatment program. Presciption medications such eg. Azaelic acid and ivermectin can be very effective.

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