Please note, all prices are subjective to individual requirements. The below prices are used as a guide only.

Full Face $280 (includes a treatment mask & post treatment pack)
Full Face & Neck $350
Full Face, Décolletage & Neck $450
Treatment Package: 4 x Full Face Treatments $1000 ($250 per treatment)
Anti-wrinkle Injections
$6.8 Per Unit
Frown From $170-$330
Forehead From $70-$200
Crows Feet From $170-$330
Hyperhidrosis From $750-$1000
Teeth Grinding From $330-$600
Headaches & Migraines individually assessed
Muscle Spasms individually assessed
Dermal Fillers
Thin Filler
1.0ml $330
2.0ml $600
3.0ml $900
Medium Filler
1.0ml $550
2.0ml $850
3.0ml $1200
Thick Filler
1.0ml $595
2.0ml $900
Hydrating Filler
1.0ml $300
2.0ml $600
3.0ml $900
Laser Treatments (Some procedures may be medicare rebatable)
Single treatment vessels/ pigmented lesions $330-500
Leg veins ½ hour session $350
Lasergenesis $350
Abdomen From $500-995(excl GST)
Outer/Inner Thighs From $500-995(excl GST)
Arms/back fat/muffin tops From $350
Chin/small area From $350
Treatment Package Discount for prepayment of second treatments

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